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    Band: Pinegrove

    Band location: Montclair, NJ

    Why we like it: Montclair, New Jersey has become a really fascinating place to me. A couple of my favorite bands in the past few years (Acres, Guidelines, Baby Pilot) call it home. With that said, whenever anyone referenced Pinegrove, it was always followed by something along the lines of “Best Band in Montclair,” or something very nice about Evan Stephens Hall. I hadn’t listened to them until I saw Evan open up for Emperor X and I was absolutely blown away. I instantly understood why everyone was hyping this band up.

    I strongly suggest that you listen to Mixtape Two if you’re into indie rock/folk. Size of the Moon is easily one of the best songs I’ve listened to all year. 

    Pinegrove are currently on tour with Tawny Peaks and have a few dates remaining. Check them out if you can!

    7/2 Boston, MA @ TBA

    7/4 Montclair, NJ @ The Batcave

    7/5 New Britain, CT @ The Pulaski Club

    Where to listen: Bandcamp

    First off, my very good friends in Pinegrove just got back from a five week tour. During those five weeks they put out this phenomenal LP. 

    Second off, one of my favorite blogs just reviewed it and it’s definately worth checking out. Please follow them and spread the word!!

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    Episode 112 - To the Future

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